Diamond Valley Sustainable Living Centre

“The great challenge of the twenty-first century is to raise people everywhere to a decent standard of living while preserving as much of the rest of life as possible”

-Edward O. Wilson

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The Sustainable Living Centre will be working on a number of projects: Energy Security Repair Cafe & Maker Space Water Security Food Security Upscaling Resources, and Education & Apprenticeships. As needs for new projects arise we will create projects to fill the needs of the community

Education and Apprenticeships

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Upcoming Workshops

The Sustainable Living Centre will be offering a number of education opportunities and apprenticeships  through our Repair Cafes, Workshops, and our Makerspaces.

Members and Visitors will have an opportunity to learn new skills first hand through in-house training, whether its welding or preserving food from your gardens, or building a new desk for your new home office.

Once you have training and have received a certificate you will be able to make use of tools in the facility.